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GoSmart Mobile

PCC and T-Mobile also offer a new prepaid wireless product called GoSmart Mobile. This new service will have competitively priced plans that rival the much smaller prepaid carriers such as Simple, Boost and H20.

  • GoSmart Mobile runs on T-mobile’s nationwide network offering low end Talk and Text plan for as low as $30/month.
  • No commitments and no annual contracts
  • TRULY UNLIMITED, no data caps unlike other carriers
  • Service available on all T-mobile and Unlocked phones
  • Additional features:
    • International Texting – Unlimited International Texting to over 200 countries
    • International Texting and Calling Service Bundle - Unlimited International Texting to over 200 countries, and landline calling to 50 countries

Why become an Authorized GoSmart Mobile retailer?

  • GoSmart Mobile offers Nationwide Prepaid service at competitively affordable prices
  • Available without the commitment of an annual contract
  • Great customer service
  • Runs on T-mobile’s network, which reaches 96 percent of the Americans
  • GoSmart Mobile Retailers earn revenue from many sources
    • New customer activations - Tiered compensation system for retailers to give them higher up-front payments to promote its $30-$45 unlimited prepaid plans
    • Tier levels above are based on the retailers’ refill rate. Refill rates are calculated based upon how many new customers you activated and out of which, how many customers kept their GoSmart Mobile service.
    • Silver– When you are a new retailer, for the first two months you remain at the Silver tier. Silver tier payout is 50% of the plan, i.e. $45 plan’s payout would be $22.50 commission for the retailer.
    • Gold – Upon reaching your Gold tier, the retailers’ payout will increase to 75% of the plan. I.e. $45 plan’s payout would be increased to $33.75 commission for the retailer.
    • Platinum – The highest tier, retailer’s payout will increase to 100% of the plan. I.e. $45 plan’s payout would be $45 commission for the retailer.
  • E-Pin /refill/ payment system revenue– PCC is also a master dealer for Epay, so dealers will be able to sell E-Pins and process refills for ALL other major carriers including T-mobile.
  • Handset Sales
  • Accessory Sales
  • GoSmart Mobile DOES NOT requires the retailer to have an exclusive GoSmart Mobile location. Upon being approved, retailers’ may simply add GoSmart Mobile to whatever else they have to offer. This will prove to be an essential new revenue stream without increasing the overhead or without having to make a substantial investment.

GOSMART, GOSMART MOBILE and the GOSMART MOBILE logo are registered and/or unregistered trademarks of T-Mobile USA, Inc. d/b/a GoSmart Mobile.

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